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Welcome to The Cycledork Chronicles, an exploratory delving into the cycles of ladyhood, one day at a time. This is my experience. 

Day 14 (Week 2) – ovulation!

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Hello! And welcome to my eggstra special post number two of The Cycle Chronicles. It’s day 14, ovulation day, so I’m being eggspecially over easy cheesy. (Sorry, I’m done for now.) So day 14 means I am in the midst of the precious time known as ovulation. Folks hoping to get pregnant (or NOT pregnant) pay close attention to this brief window because it’s when a mature egg is released from an ovary, travels down either fallopian tube and chills in your uterus primed to be fertilized for about 12-24 hours.

It’s also the time I like to refer to as my mid-cycle mom seatbelt. Because remember that giddy energy I was feeling two days ago? Yeah, someone hit the brakes.

definition via urban dictionary

definition via urban dictionary

Today I woke up feeling a certain sense of melancholia. A halt in the momentum. All day I was feeling more pensive and reflective, having the urge to get lost in music or a mind-expanding book. Being that it’s September, a time of year that already encourages this type of mood in me, and it also being my 15 year anniversary of living in NYC and the 14th anniversary of 9/11, my reflectiveness is duly heightened. AND enhanced thanks to estrogen levels taking a nose dive.

But where I’ve lost the little bit of pep, I’ve picked up in spice. (Please don’t say pumpkin.)

Before I knew, really knew, what ovulation was or that I had recognizable patterns throughout my cycle, I’d feel some pangs, not pain, but sensations in my uterus around two weeks after my period, though wasn’t quite sure why. I’d also notice a sudden rush of desire and an increased libido.

Besides that, the consistency of cervical fluid (yes, these are the words, get used to using them!) starts to go from watery to the consistency of egg whites (no kidding, I’m not making another egg joke), and boy is it slippery. Sort of like…lube you might say. All of that above? Recipe for pregnancy! (Plus sperm, of course.)

Here’s a fun little cervical fluid texture diagram. Paying attention to your own and knowing what to look for is a very helpful skill.


After years of tracking my cycle I can feel when ovulation is happening. I feel a change in my uterus, a shift in my energy and an increase in sexual desires and sensations. A simple touch from my partner will send a zing of energy through my body. A kiss…forget it. Hello, sexy time.

It sounds funny, maybe, but I can even feel the hormone levels shifting, almost as if it were an IV drip. I may be super sensitive, or maybe just hyper aware now that I get it.

What’s happened this time around in my cycle that’s never happened to me before is spotting. I’ve read lots about spotting during ovulation (it’s completely normal) but never experienced it myself, until now. I felt those familiar uterine pangs and when I went to the bathroom, lo and behold, spotsville. Maybe it’s the cycledork in me, but I find it so fascinating to watch my body continue to evolve and surprise me. The spotting showed up briefly and was very light, sort of like the last day of my period.

Also, the cravings are real, though not so intense (yet). My super light appetite of day 12 has been swiftly swapped for cravings of yummy, comforting salty and sweet. You know when you suddenly have a smell memory? Like when a certain scent from the past pops into your brain? Well, I had random taste memory, of sugary icing from the old school Italian bakery I went to as a kid. Cupcakes, please!

(Image searching cupcakes is pure torture, by the way. I will spare us all.)

The number one thing I feel like doing on this day 14, besides eating cake and having sex (maybe at the same time), is sinking into a favorite song and getting completely lost in it. Music is one of my favorite things in the world, as well my perfect escape, so right about now I’m ready for someone to give me a beat, boys, free my soul. I want to get lost in the rock ‘n’ roll and drift away. (But, yeah, maybe to a different song. That one’s OK.)

I may be a little less energetic now, but to be honest, week 2 into week 3 is one of my favorite times in my cycle because my brain still feels sharp, and my visceral kung-fu power kicks in. It’s motivation 5000 and while during week 3 I can be mother-fueling feisty, I’m also a fireball of get ‘er doneness. More on that when the time comes. Right now, I’m on the edge…of week 2.

BOTTOM LINE: Ovulation is pretty neat. It’s damn near magical and I don’t use that term often. Energy levels take a detour, but libido gets a nice boost. What helps me make the most of this is to (obviously) have sex, and to listen to some music that moves me. Also, naps. Can not speak enough about the wonders of sleeping when sleepy. This might also sound a little weird, and I don’t suggest anyone go on a bender, but since I’m in this limbo-floaty mood, having a few drinks and pontificating on various subjects of the romantic and existential persuasion is a favorable pastime right now. A warning though, to be extra conscious of your birth control method during this time, because all that fun and freebird can lead to less cautious decision-making.

PRO TIP: Checking your basal body temperature (basically your resting temperature before you get out of bed in the morning and do anything) has been known to help in figuring out when to expect ovulation. During and after you ovulate your body temp goes up – a fraction of a degree, but if you’re keeping track it’s usually noticeable. So charting and following the patterns each month can give you a good idea of when you’ll ovulate next. A regular thermometer will do, but you can also use a special doohicky like LadyComp or Daysy. I haven’t personally tested these items but I’ve heard good things.

Stay tuned for more expert-penned posts on fertility and ovulation!

New readers please note:

The Cycledork Chronicles are based on my 4-week menstrual cycle pattern that lasts around 28-30 days on average. (note: I do not use hormonal birth control). I’ve been keeping track of my cycle for years (even before apps!) and because of this I’ve uncovered patterns that have helped me better navigate my life and become a kinder to friend to my body, my mind and my period. An expert I am not, except of my own body and cycle experiences. You may have similar days to mine or your experience may be completely different. My hope is that some of you might be able to relate, celebrate, or commiserate with me, or at least get a good laugh as I chronicle my ladyhood. Because for me, the more I learn about my own body and cycle, the more empowered I feel. I hope you do, too.

I welcome any and all thoughts in the comments!


JLHC is a writer and cat-lover living and working in NYC. Her past and current exploits include running a yoga blog called YogaDork, starting a co-working space called tascbar in her neighborhood of East Harlem, and discovering that she is an extrovert in an introvert’s body, or maybe the other way around, and a fringer. She believes in questioning everything and reminding herself that nothing is a waste of time. twitter: @jenniyoga. website:


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