UPDATE 2: #MonthlyBLESSING, Live Q&As, Cycle Squad, and more!

After a few more days, our campaign is slowly growing. The more it’s shared, the closer this conference comes to being a reality! We appreciate you sharing the Kickstarter, and we encourage you to comment on and share the updates as well!

Lots of news today!

We have some live Q&As happening in the upcoming weeks with our speakers: Jen Lewis (Beauty in Blood), Bronwyn Simons (Vivid Menopause), Barbara Loomis (Alignment Monkey & Nurturance), and Lara Briden (Period Repair Manual).


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It’s Day 6 of our Kickstarter! Day 6 of a healthy, typical menstrual cycle could be the last day of the menstrual phase.

As menstruators, we are blessed with this monthly report card: the period.

BLESSED!? No, that’s not a typo. Following Lara Briden’s wise words, and Fifth Vital Sign’s example, we like to think of periods as an indicator of your overall health. Periods need not be painful events that put you out of commission for days each month! If that is your reality, it is a wake up call to listen to your body.

The period begins with the day of your heaviest flow. Three hormones decrease: inhibin, estrogen, and progesterone. Without these hormones sustaining your endometrial lining, it sheds, resulting in the infamous period.

  • The fluid is not just blood; it’s also endometrial lining, cervical mucus, vaginal secretions.
  • It should not have clots larger than a dime
  • It should be a reddish-brown colour
  • You should lose about 50 millilitres over your whole period, meaning you shouldn’t need to change your pad or tampon more than once every couple hours
  • Your period should be 2-7 days long
  • It should be pain-free.

This is your monthly report card and if your period doesn’t sound like this, it is a sign that something is awry in your system.

The timing of your period results from:

  • 1) the length of your follicular phase, plus
  • 2) ovulation, plus
  • 3) the luteal phase

Over the course of our Kickstarter, we’ll be talking about these different phases of a menstrual cycle. Stay tuned to learn more about each phase, plus other interesting health info like uterus alignment. Backers receive special updates with recipes and discount codes!

Our Cycle Squad mischievously edited some iconic pictures to include some “leaks”, in the spirit of Saint Hoax. Here’s one from the Fertility Awareness Charting Circle in Edmonton!


As we mentioned in our last update, it’s not too late to join the Cycle Squad! This is the last invite we’ll be sending out, inviting others to join this creative team of individuals. Their upcoming assignment is to write a haiku about a happy uterus!



Lana, Jennilyn, and Sabrina

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