Birth Control Can Not ‘Regulate’ Your Period…Here’s Why


We know that statement can come off as incendiary, especially if you’ve been taking birth control and think, hey, that’s exactly why I’m taking it. Wth? Another bit you might not like: If you’re taking hormonal birth control your periods are not actually real periods.

What do you mean not real?

Allow us to explain. Better yet, this fabulous animated video from menstrual health expert Lara Briden will do the men’splaining.

The video is short and we recommend everyone watch it, even if you’re not taking hormonal bc, but here are the take-homes:

  • The thing is, the steroids in bc are similar to real hormones but they’re not identical and can have different effects on your body.
  • The timing of a real period is about the healthy functioning of your ovaries. The timing of a pill bleed is bout the dosing of a drug.
  • So a pill bleed doesn’t have to be every 28 days. It can be every 46 days or every 93 days or not at all.
  • “There is no medical reason to bleed monthly when on birth control.”



So why do so many doctors prescribe the pill for regulating your period?

Lara explains:

“It all started in the 1950s when it wasn’t legal to prescribe birth control. A doctor could prescribe a drug to regulate periods so thats what they did. And that little lie led to the legalization of birth control which is something that we can all celebrate.”

“But now we can stop pretending that pill bleeds are periods.”

Lara also suggests other options for contraception like condoms, IUD and FAM (fertility awareness method) and offers her book Period Repair Manual: Natural Treatment for Better Hormones and Better Periods as a helpful guide. (Cycledork recommended.)

Learn more by watching the video below, a follow-up to Dr. Briden’s previous post: Why Hormonal Birth Control Can Never ‘Regulate’ Periods 

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