Meeting Daysy: First Impressions Of A Fertility Monitor

daysy-750I’ve never been one to get all excited about the latest technological gadgets. It took me forever to get an iPhone and my laptop is six years old (and still works great by the way thank you!). So when I first heard about Daysy a year or so ago I wasn’t particularly interested. I was familiar with the fertility awareness method by then and didn’t understand the necessity of adding a specialized piece of technology to the process. But as the months went by I continued to see articles and reviews about Daysy, and hear its praises voiced by people and organizations whom I respect. So when an opportunity recently came up to do a trial with Daysy and write a review, I decided to give it a go.

I have three basic requirements for my birth control method: no hormones, no objects in my body, and it has to effectively prevent pregnancy. I already knew that Daysy met my first two requirements, and when I visited the Daysy website it notes right on the homepage that, “Daysy will show you are fertile or not with an accuracy of 99.3%.” With numbers like that and no side effects, it definitely sounded like Daysy could be a good match for me.

So by now you might be wondering…“um what is a Daysy?”

Daysy is a fertility monitor that is able to calculate your fertile days using your basal body temperature (BBT) and data about your menstrual cycle. Daysy is different from a regular BBT thermometer because it stores the data for you. All you have to do is take your temperature with Daysy when you wake up in the morning (make sure you do it before you get out of bed), input if you are menstruating, and then Daysy gives you your fertility status of the day (red=fertile, green=infertile, yellow=learning/fluctuation).

Could it really be that simple? I love the fertility awareness method but when I first learned about it I was overwhelmed. I was so bad about remembering to take my temperature and then write it down and then compare the data…I got frustrated. I decided I felt more relaxed at that time in my life just monitoring cervical mucus to feel in-tune with what’s going on with my body, and using barrier methods as my primary method of preventing pregnancy. My contraception choices have served me just fine (my one pregnancy was planned), but I’ve often wanted to give charting my BBT another try. When I learned that using Daysy doesn’t require charting your BBT I was excited! Another point in Daysy’s favor (in my book at least).

So I decided to try Daysy. Soon it arrived at my house in a nice little package, but upon opening it I was worried it couldn’t be as simple as I thought! There were manuals and cords, and I was worried it would take forever to learn.

Um…yeah it really didn’t.

Daysy comes with this awesome little booklet that tells you literally step-by-step how to set it up. All those little pieces I was afraid of just fell into place as I followed the directions. As I read the instruction manual I was impressed with the clear directions and lack of technical talk. It notes that more information and even video tutorials can be found on the website, so I went there next. Wow! Pretty much every question I could think of to ask was already on the “frequently asked questions” page. The information is so comprehensive: if you want to know about irregular cycles and using Daysy, what to do if you drop Daysy, how Daysy works, it’s all there! There is even a search function to help you find the answers you need without scrolling through all of the questions (e.g. I typed in “breastfeeding” and got so much information on using Daysy while breastfeeding).

I also found answers to questions I hadn’t even thought to ask, like does waking up multiple times in the night, as sometimes happens to me as the mother of a young child, affect your BBT reading (apparently it varies but a general rule is to get four continuous hours of sleep before taking your BBT). I also used the website to learn more about DaysyView, which is the Daysy App from the Apple App store. When you use the app with Daysy you can view the data that Daysy has recorded and get a more complete picture of what’s happening with your cycle. As someone who has never been particularly tech savvy, I found the detailed information provided about DaysyView to be very helpful.

So I’m excited to say that I have started using Daysy! And I was not surprised to find that for each of these first few days my fertility status has been yellow. The Daysy website notes that, “For the first 3 months of use, you will see a lot of yellow lights because Daysy needs to learn your individual fertility rhythm.” I will be interested to see as Daysy learns my cycle and begins to give me fertile days, whether these line up with my own estimations based on cervical mucus observation. I will be making note of all my thoughts and observations so please stay tuned for the next installment of this review coming in about three months!

[Editor’s Note: Brigid received Daysy for free to try. Her review is completely honest and unbiased.]

Brigid Taylor is a women’s healing arts teacher, childbirth educator, and the creator of Taweret’s Wisdom, a business dedicated to helping women reclaim their power and live their best lives. Read her full bio here

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