“Periods For Pence” Becomes “Periods For Politicians” To Continue The Movement


Back in April we featured an article about the Periods for Pence movement. Started by an Indiana woman going by the pseudonym Sue Magina (who we now know is Laura Shanley), P4P encouraged women to call Governor Pences’ office to report on their periods. The purpose of this movement is to protest the controversial abortion bill, signed into law by Pence this past March.

“Periods for Pence” has now become “Periods for Politicians,” but the agenda remains the same: troll politicians who support legislation that limits reproductive health rights and raise awareness for reproductive justice. According the the movement’s Facebook page:

“Periods for Politicians began as Periods for Pence, in response to HEA 1337, an egregious and intrusive anti-choice bill. Its purpose is to inform politicians who are concerned with women’s health care about the status of our menstrual health. After all, it’s our civic duty, right? We are a grassroots organization that promotes awareness of reproductive justice, all while having fun and using humor to call attention to this incredibly important issue. We encourage people to become involved on a local level, and promote creative call-in protests across the US.”

Have no doubt about it, from the mouth of the President-elect himself, he plans to gut reproductive rights in America, punish women for abortions and appoint anti-choice judges to the Supreme Court. And come January, when he swears his oath to the highest office in the land, he will have a Republican congress to help him take America back 43 years.

But I guess that was the whole goal, right? “Make America Great Again” by bringing us back to the 1950s, a romanticized, Leave it to Beaver type world. A world where white men have all the power and women are barefoot and pregnant.

If you feel so inspired, we would encourage you to join the movement. This election has been devastating and frightening for a lot of us, especially regarding women’s rights. But just because we were defeated at the polls does not mean we can’t fight back. Click on the links below to find contact information for your representatives and give them a little education about how women’s bodies work. Because, we agree with Shanley when she says “women are done being quiet.”

United States House of Representatives
United States Senators

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Amy Sutherland is a period-positive advocate and graduate student at the University of Minnesota where she is currently researching and writing her thesis on how menstrual stereotypes and stigmas affect health outcomes in women and girls. Read her full bio here

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