FAE Spotlight Series: Ashley Hartman Annis

We’re excited to publish this Fertility Awareness Educator spotlight series in collaboration with Blood Cycle Community.

Ashley Hartman Annis

Ashley (she / her / hers) is a certified Fertility Awareness Educator through the Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals and has been teaching classes on menstrual cycle charting since 2013.  She is currently finishing her long-overdue BA in Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of Wisconsin and also expanding her knowledge around birth, miscarriage & abortion support, and sexuality education.

What was your introduction into the Fertility Awareness Method?

A broken condom, Plan B, a cheap BBT thermometer, & Taking Charge of Your Fertility.

What program did you train with to become a Fertility Awareness Educator (FAE). What were 3 highlights of that experience?

Grace of the Moon with Sarah Bly 2012-2014. I not only solidified how to teach this information, but my own practice as well / I’m connected to a fantastic (and ever-growing!) community of other graduates / Being able to live and travel and move around the country and still be part of this grounding training program

What is one feature of the female body that amazes you? Can you explain more and tell us why?

I know there are lots of different types of female bodies, but in *my* particular type of female body, I can’t get enough of my cervix. It’s amazing to look at and to think of all the different things that have and can come through it. It’s sort of this amazing / weird borderland between this world and some other magical place.

What do you wish all females knew before their menarche?

I wish that uterus-having people could completely delete from their brains & bodies any feelings of disgust around their blood.

What is your favourite health-related book/podcast/resource and why?

To be honest, right now my favorite health resource is just being outside. I’ve been receiving way more from just taking quiet walks (without my phone / podcasts / books!) than I have from anything else right now. That being said, I’m really geeking out about The Doulas: Radical Care for Pregnant People by Lauren Mitchell and Mary Mahoney these days.

Do you have a focus in your practice?

Using FAM to avoid pregnancy (which includes conversations around barrier methods, othercourse, withdrawal, masturbation, etc.) and abortion / miscarriage care.

To get in touch with Ashley, visit her website: ashleyhartmanannis.com

This interview is part of a FAE spotlight series. Stay tuned for the next one next month!

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