Blood Cycle Conference


The Blood Cycle Conference — a conference for the menstrual revolution.

We at Cycledork are proud to be partners with the Blood Cycle Conference, a conference and movement focused on the health component of the menstrual revolution.

Imagine a period that is predictable, cramp-free, and is sustainable for both your health and the environment:
the painless period

Imagine a period that is treated as a source of information about the overall health and welfare of your body:
the informative period

Imagine a period that is not at the brunt end of taboo, policy, or stigmatization:
the respected period.

Now imagine a world where all of these elements are automatically implied in the word

The menstrual revolution is coming in a big red tidal wave, and this conference will build a network of people and products to encourage others to join in on the surf.

Date and Location TBA

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  1. Keep up the good work.

  2. Por otro lado, la última modificación no mercantil de Kin Cosmetics Sociedad Anonima ha sido Nueva información de crédito, el 08/12/2014.

  3. So inspiring! I love knowing this is happening. The Revolution is here!!

  4. So inspiring! I love knowing this is happening. The revolution is here!

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