Cycledork Team

Meet the Cycledork Team aka the Red Rebel Menstrual Cycle Club

Amy Sutherland, Contributor

amy-300-circleAmy Sutherland is a period-positive advocate, educator and writer. She prefers tackling topics like reproductive health, fertility, sexuality, feminism, social justice issues and all those tricky subjects you avoid talking about at family gatherings. Amy holds a Master’s Degree in Women’s Health as well as a Graduate Certificate in Holistic Health Studies. She currently lives in St Paul, MN with her husband and two cats where she works as a freelance writer, runs her own blog, and occasionally Tweets: @grayduckMN

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Brigid Taylor, Contributor

brigid-bio-pic-circleBrigid Taylor is a women’s healing arts teacher, childbirth educator, and the creator of Taweret’s Wisdom, a business dedicated to helping women reclaim their power and live their best lives! She teaches classes in women’s holistic health and childbirth preparation, and also runs her own blog. She lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her partner and son. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @taweretswisdom.

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Kara DeDonato, Contributor

kara-300-circleKara DeDonato helps women get their fertility goddess on. Because fertility is so much more than the ability to bear children. Fertility is healthy, pleasure-seeking, vibrant, productive, creative, sexy, happy and fierce. Afterall, Aphrodite was a fertility goddess. Kara works with women to troubleshoot their monthly cycles and digestion so that they can feel their best and be their best selves. Through her #ditchthepill initiatives, she helps women transition from the pill to fertile as seamlessly as possible. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @karadedo and

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Jennilyn Carson, Founder

JL-lucy-300-circleJennilyn has been a cycledork since she was a tween first intrigued by the magic of menstruation, but it wasn’t until several years ago, when she started researching, investigating and tracking her own cycle – before apps! – that she realized there’s so much more to know, and with that knowledge comes empowerment. She started as a period-positive space with an underlying mission to undo the taboo around menstruation. Jennilyn is also founder and Editor in Chief of, a website she built from the yoga mat up offering commentary on yoga news and culture with wit and wisdom. Offline she is co-founder of TASCbar, an affordable and creative co-working space in East Harlem. She is also a birth doula, a volunteer cat rescuer, and a proud partner of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition. Find her on Twitter @jenniyoga and at


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