About Us

Cycledork: for everything cycle-related.

Cycledork is a period-positive website dedicated to undoing the taboo.

We want to help you have a better cycle. An empowered period.

We get it — periods are NOT all rosy all the time! But we believe the more you know about your own body and cycle, the more we talk about it, the better it will be for everyone in every phase of our lives from pre-menarche to post-menopause. We also think the shame and stigma surrounding menstruation is a heaping pile of garbage and needs to change, STAT.

All are welcome to join in the conversation. (Sorry, bike enthusiasts, we’re not about that kind of cycling, but you’re more than welcome to stick around!)

Cycledork is an inclusive website and a place for all types of menstrual experiences. We reserve the right to delete hateful, disrespectful, and aggressive comments, as well as the right to block those who are continually disrespectful in our space.

Meet our team.

Join us!


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