The Cycledork Chronicles

Hi! Jennilyn, here, founder of Cycledork. The Cycledork Chronicles, was something I started as an exploratory delving into my own cycle in order to make sense of it, make light of it and hopefully help bring a little more understanding to this fascinating ladyness we go through on a monthly basis. 

The Cd Chronicles are based on my 4-week menstrual cycle that lasts around 29 days on average. (Note: I am not on hormonal birth control). I’ve been keeping track of my cycle for years (even before apps!) and because of this I’ve uncovered patterns that have helped me better navigate my life and become a kinder friend to my body, my mind and my period.

An expert I am not, except of my own body and cycle experiences. You may have similar days to mine or your experience may be completely different. My hope is that some of you might be able to relate, celebrate, or commiserate with me, or at least get a good laugh as I chronicle my ladyhood. Because for me, the more I learn about my own body and cycle, the more empowered I feel. I hope you do, too.

Read more about my adventures by clicking on the weeks below:

Or browse through all of The Cycledork Chronicles here.

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