Cycle Day 12: It’s (So) Not The End Of The World

Welcome to The Cycledork Chronicles, an exploratory column delving into the cycles of ladyhood one day at a time. This is my experience. 

Day 12 (Week 2)

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(So sorry if this is now stuck in your head. I hear there’s a 10-hour long version. AH!)

Alternative post title: Everybody cut footloose.

It’s day 12 of my cycle and this means period stuff is the farthest thing from my mind. This is…the sweet spot. Biologically speaking I am ending my follicular phase and fast-approaching ovulation (day 14ish, which will then drop me into my luteal phase until I get my period). In brief, PMS is a distant memory. And bleeding? Cramps? Things of the past! It’s a new day. My estrogen levels are climbing to new heights which means my energy levels are, too.

Cue: Kevin Bacon cutting a rug! And the confetti.


How do I know all of this? For one, I’ve been tracking my cycle for years. Also, I looked it up! The info is out there, believe or not, you just have to dig for it. (This site is designed to bring all of that info out of the woodwork so stay tuned!)

On the tech tip, I’ve encountered a few helpful period apps to guide me in my perioducation [peer-ee-ehd-yoo-CAY-shun]. Some apps simply give you a heads up for your most fertile days and when to expect your next period, while other apps get a little more detailed about what’s actually happening in your body, even offering fun, informative visuals in the form of charts and graphs.

(There will be more on those apps in the near future – I’m currently playing around with a bunch of them and will soon share my thoughts. If you have one you like to use let me know! And why has it been so helpful – or not?)


Anyway, back to day 12. Besides having a heaping bowl-full of energy, I’ve noticed I’m actually much less sensitive and crave-y.  In general, my appetite is pretty light and I’m not fumbling for snacks or a sweet treat so. help. me. god. That doesn’t mean I won’t have a hankering for ice cream in the 90-degree September heat wave or cry during a sad movie (have you seen “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”? holy crap…watched it last night and couldn’t hold back the tears).

BUT, knowing this is day 12 and that in a week or so I might not have as much of a happy-go-lucky go get ’em attitude, helps me harness this bubbliness and use it to my advantage.

Generally speaking, I tend be be quite introverted. Around this time of my cycle, though, I’m much more inclined to be social, to be excited about dressing up and going out, and to feel extra confident in my body. This is helpful for letting loose the “outgoing” side of myself I normally store in my pocket for safe keeping like a lucky dollar bill. Who doesn’t like finding that extra cash you totally forgot about? Surprise! There it is again.

I’m currently with a partner, but if I weren’t, this would be my time to shine in my search for a “mate.” By the way, just a word to the wise if you also happen to be close to this time in your cycle, your joyful enthusiasm might actually manifest a pair of rose-colored glasses. They’re not exactly beer goggles, but you might be more likely to look past some flaws in your potential suiter you would otherwise consider deal breakers. Because everything is awesome!

No not everything, but optimism is riding high right now and probably wearing a flirty dress.

BOTTOM LINE: Sure, I’ve still got problems to deal with and the bills still need to be paid, but it’s not the end of the world.

Until next round.

New readers please note:

The Cycledork Chronicles are based on my 4-week menstrual cycle pattern that lasts around 28-30 days on average. I’ve been keeping track of my cycle for years and because of this I’ve uncovered patterns that have helped me better navigate my life and become a kinder to friend to my body, my mind and my period. An expert I am not, except of my own body and cycle experiences. You may have similar days to mine or your experience may be completely different. My hope is that some of you might be able to relate, celebrate, or commiserate with me, or at least get a good laugh as I chronicle my ladyhood. Because for me, the more I learn about my own body and cycle, the more empowered I feel. I hope you do, too.

I welcome any and all thoughts in the comments!


JLHC is a writer and cat-lover living and working in NYC. Her past and current exploits include running a yoga blog called YogaDork, starting a co-working space called tascbar in her neighborhood of East Harlem, and discovering that she is an extrovert in an introvert’s body, or maybe the other way around, and a fringer. She believes in questioning everything and reminding herself that nothing is a waste of time. twitter: @jenniyoga.




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