Tonight, Make It A SuperBloodMoon Dooms Day Transformation Party


SuperBloodMoon may be my new superheroine name.* Tonight we are super lucky to be experiencing yet another magnificent full moon, but not only is it a full moon it’s a Supermoon, because it’s near the fall equinox and the moon is at its closest distance to Earth making it appear a whole 14% larger. AND it’s a SuperBloodMoon because there’s a magical lunar eclipse happening which, according to NASA, has only happened five times since 1900 (most recently in 1982) and it won’t be visible again until 2033!

So this, of course, calls for special celebration. Break out the SuperBloodMoon festivity pack! Don’t have one? Let’s make one together. Get your red lipstick on (you might already be wearing it? #LetsFaceItPeriod) light a candle, pour a glass of wine, grab some beets, or some beats (even NASA has a moon playlist) and get ready for a total eclipse of the moon. Bonnie Tyler, anyone?

This SuperBloodMoon will also happen to falls on the first day of my menstrual cycle if all readings are correct, which is extra super fun, in a cycledorky kind of way. I’m not a particular mystic person but I do feel connected with nature, especially after tracking my cycle for years and discovering patterns, much like the changing seasons and cycles of the moon. (Cycledork Chronicles note: I especially like to some writing and journaling – mind walking – around this time, too, setting some goals and letting my imagination wander. Tonight seems like the perfect time to do it!)

I also find astrology and study/appreciation of celestial beings rather intriguing and fun.

SuperBloodMoon party gif via NASA.

SuperBloodMoon party gif via NASA.

In case you’re not getting your period today, or you’re not as impressed by the science of eclipses, according to the blog Mystic Mamma, we should all be ready for some major transformation being ushered in by this specific event tonight.

It’s all energy. We’re swimming in energetic streams. We are connected to the movements of the cosmos and are all woven together in this intricate and multidimensional tapestry that is Life. There is a lot of charge in the air which could be wiping some of us out! Energy has been building toward this BLOODMOON~ LUNAR ECLIPSE in Aries, which is the final of the “rare” tetrad configuration that will culminate on September 27th.

Passions will be stirring so we must take deep breaths, connect with the grounding energy of the Earth, and bring patience and love to our interactions/relationships. We can transmute the fire and rise to see a new dawn with an open and accepting heart.

Of course, this fire and transition is translated by some religious leaders as DOOOMSDAY. Irvin Baxter, for example, the founder of Endtime Ministries (which says a lot already) has warned, “Some prophecy teachers are declaring boldly that this tetrad just ahead signals that something is getting ready to happen, which will change the world forever.”

The scripture often pointed to is this:

“And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come.” Joel 2:30-31

Dark, no? Well, so far, we’ve been ok, and NASA reassures us there’s nothing out of the ordinary besides the extraordinary beauty we get to enjoy as human beings on Earth in the middle of the universe. Neat. O.

If you asked me, this SuperBloodMoon at the start of fall is such a remarkable moment and opportunity for all of us to take pause, to reflect on the year so far and to dig deep for our journeys into the rest of 2015. Change IS happening. So let’s embrace it and coast ahead on the lovely crimson waves of the blood moon.

We should be in awe of this amazing event. Just ask NASA scientist Noah Petro who told the AP: “The moon’s a dynamic place,” Petro said. “We’re seeing changes on the surface of the moon from LRO. We’re seeing that it’s not this static dead body in the sky…it’s this great astronomical object that we have in our backyard, essentially. So people should get out and start looking at it.”


The SuperBloodMoon, also known as a Harvest Moon Eclipse or the less exciting Supermoon Eclipse, will occur at 9:07 pm Eastern time, but the moon should start darkening as early as 8:11pm according to Wired. In case you’d rather stay indoors, NASA Television will be providing a live stream of the event.

And just in case this is the apocalypse and we will be taken over by the undead, just know we ladies will be safe because tampons are luna bars for vampires (great source of iron!). Thanks for that one, @midnight.

*Clearly my weapons would be tampons.

Do you have a special Full Moon or eclipse ritual? It’s always fun to learn new things. Please share in the comments!


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