Cycledork Letter #2: UnTabooed – By Diandra Kalish


We recently put out the call for people to contribute their candid thoughts on menstruation with the purpose of raising awareness and positivity – even if their story isn’t so positive. The idea was to give them room to take it wherever they wanted, to share whatever they liked. The results are letters, all different and unique, all offering us some perspective, some personal reflections and revelations, and in a few cases, some hilarious levity. The letters series coincides with our current campaign to help us continue to build this site and community. Please view our campaign here – there are some amazing perks!

Cycledork Letters: #2

by Diandra Kalish


People often ask me what I think about reusable menstrual products, and if I use them. I tell them that they changed my life so much I started a nonprofit around them. They made me appreciate my period, which has altered my future.

[Ed. note: We’ve teamed up Diandra’s great organization UnTabooed for our campaign. Get one of her awesome totes or tees and help women in need!]

Diandra Kalish is the founder of UnTabooed, a nonprofit committed to breaking the taboo surrounding menstruation by providing menstrual health education and sustainable menstrual products to women in need, and promoting conversation among people everywhere. She has a passion for education, food, and traveling.

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