Cycledork Letters: #4 – By Amy Lembcke

cycledork-letters-header-amyWhat do YOU think about menstruation? We recently asked people to contribute their candid thoughts with the purpose of raising awareness and positivity – even if their story isn’t so positive. The idea was to give them room to take it wherever they wanted, to share whatever they liked. The results are letters, all different and unique, all offering us some perspective, some personal reflections and revelations, and in a few cases, some hilarious levity! *The letters series coincides with our current campaign to help us continue to build this site and community. Please view our campaign here – there are some amazing perks!*

Cycledork Letters: #4

by Amy Lembcke

As a woman with irregular cycles the arrival of my period is always a welcomed sight. Weeks of hormonal build-up sometimes turn into months, leaving me in PMS-purgatory. The relief of menstruation cleanses my overburdened body and connects me back to my womanhood. Menstruation is a gift, one for which I am incredibly grateful.

amyAmy Lembcke is a period-positive advocate and graduate student at the University of Minnesota where she is currently researching and writing her thesis on how menstrual stereotypes and stigmas affect health outcomes in women and girls. She also holds a graduate certificate in Holistic Health Studies from St Catherine University where she studied complementary and alternative medicine. Amy is passionate about reproductive health, sexuality, feminism and education outreach. She currently lives in St Paul, MN with her husband and two cats where she runs her own blog and occasionally Tweets: @grayduckMN

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