Cycledork Letter #9: 3 Reasons Your Period Is Magic – By Chris Maddox


Welcome to our Cycledork Letters series! We recently asked people to contribute their candid thoughts on menstruation. The results were period pieces that were funny, personal, reflective, informative, and endearing. This is letter #9 in the series. Read all of the letters here.

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Cycledork Letters: #9

by Chris Maddox

#1: The Moon-Womb Mirror

Your Menstrual Cycle is about the same length as a Lunar Cycle. The average menstrual cycle is about 28 days & the Lunar cycle is 29.5 (New Moon to New Moon). Interesting, yes?

Allow yourself to get curious about this connection, this mirror in the sky. Hmm…

#2: Monthly Reminder of your Creative Super Powers

Instead of viewing your blood as a drag, you can use those days remembering that inside of your body, you hold the essential creative capability, whether you choose to have a child or not.

Each time you bleed, let it be a remembrance that you are, by nature, profoundly creative.

#3: The Not-So-Secret Sisterhood

Want to experience the feeling of sisterhood with total strangers? Go into a public women’s restroom and ask someone for a tampon. Usually, if she doesn’t have one, she will help you find one or at the very least empathize with you-a smile, a joke, a “good luck.” There is something so sweet about being in a place where you can talk freely about something that is such a big part of our lives.

Whether she is in her bleeding years or not, each woman you meet is in this not-so-secret sisterhood. See if you can feel into that connection with every new woman you meet~there is power and magic in it.

Chris Maddox Headshot-200x200Chris Maddox is the founder of The Wild Woman Project, where she guides on women to connect with The Wild Within(the inner voice of truth) & The Wild Without (the cycles & qualities of nature itself). Chris trains women around the world to lead Wild Woman Moon Circles in their local communities, leads experiential workshops & retreats, guides in depth 1-on-1 work and produces the annual WILD WOMAN FEST in the Berkshires every summer. Learn more & Connect with Chris at

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