Let This Singing Uterus Teach You About Menopause


“Hey girl, you thought you were done learning about your body after age 12? Well, your uterus and your ovaries disagree.”

Have questions about menopause? Let the dancing uterus answer them for you! This has to be the most entertaining video on menopause and perimenopause we’ve ever seen. Or at least the most interesting!

Besides a singing uterus and a pair of back-up-dancing ovaries, we’re also treated to a special appearance by everyone’s friend, the clitoris, here to help share some tips on perimenopause.

(Note: That’s perimenopause, not Peri Giplin who played Roz on “Frazier.”)

Menopause – the period marking the end of your period – usually occurs in women at approximately 50 years of age, but did you know you could get symptoms like headaches, insomnia, memory loss, oh and whiskers on your chinny chin chin 6-10 years before then?

No, it’s not all bad. The good news is reaching menopause means you can say goodbye to pregnancy scares and “shark week” finally refers to its original marine meaning again. Also, we know many women who have found menopause absolutely liberating.

(More on all of this soon. When we told people we were starting a site about cycles we were almost overwhelmed, and certainly surprised, by the amount of women asking if we’d be talking about menopause. Our answer? Of course! It’s part of the cycle. Stay tuned for more great articles on menopause and perimenopause.)

For now, enjoy this video! From menopause awareness expert Ellen Dolgen, and the creative and comedic minds of Rachel Bloom and Jack Dolgen.


[h/t HelloFlo]

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