Vagina Weed Is A Thing And It May Relieve Your Menstrual Cramps


Hmm…vagina weed? Legalizing marijuana just got a lot more interesting. As it turns out, there’s another health benefit to using pot—this one’s for your box, and apparently it could relieve our menstrual cramps.

Now some of you might be delighted (and others disappointed, we’re sure) to learn that you don’t just take regular old weed and stick it up your vagina, nor do you roll a vajayjay joint or try to smoke a bowl with your pubococcygeus muscle, though we don’t doubt some menstrualpreneur is drawing up the blueprints for some sort of vagina bong as we speak. It strengthens as it soothes! No, the actual cramp-calming method comes in a suppository form and was just debuted this week by Foria, a company known previously for their “weed lube,” a THC-infused lubricant promising to increase female orgasmic pleasure.

Though smoking, or vaping as the kids do these days, is the preferred method for many women in relieving pain, including menstrual cramps, this process involves putting the pot pill into your vagina (an act we tampon or menstrual cup users are all too unfamiliar with) as far up as you can (something we should not do normally). This way, the cannabinoids get absorbed quicker into the bloodstream. (Sort of like that terrible “butt chugging” trend—stuffing vodka up your butt via tampons or otherwise. Apologies for the imagery.)

“The pelvic region contains more cannabinoid receptors than any other part of the body except for the brain,” says Foria founder Mathew Gerson. “So delivering these actives in a suppository format is a natural choice.”

How does marijuana help? It’s about lessening the muscle contractions ( = cramps) and reducing inflammation says Beverly Hills urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman who told Broadly:

“The muscle goes into spasm, and it releases inflammatory mediators that exacerbate pain. Cannabis, in general, works to relieve muscle spasms by increasing blood flow and decreasing muscle contractions. When you increase blood flow, you help to restore oxygenation to the tissue, thereby decreasing inflammation and lessening discomfort.”

[Side note: Don’t we still need those contractions, though? Experts, weigh in here.]

Officially called Foria Relief, the suppositories are a combo of 240MG of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and 40MG of cannabidiol. The THC does its job in blocking pain while keeping the path clear for pleasure, and the CBD joins forces with the immune system to reduce inflammation. The only other ingredient is cocoa butter, so it’s pretty natural, especially in comparison to other mainstream options.

The ingredients of period products have become a much bigger concern for the menstrual cycling community ever since we all found out the toxic crap that’s in them. So a natural pain-relieving product that could replace the typical popping of Midol or Advil all day is a welcome alternative. It supposedly lasts longer, too.


Besides menstrual cramps, the makers of Foria are looking into its use for relieving endometriosis and pelvic pain, though it is not quite considered a replacement for prescription medication.

Says Dr. Berman:

“This is not about Foria being better or worse than prescription medication for treating cramps—nor is Foria FDA-approved, nor has it been clinically studied in women yet. All we are talking about is that cannabis-based products help relax the muscles, and the uterus is a muscle.”

OK, we know what you’re all wondering…will my vagina get stoned?

Again, we regret to delight/disappoint. No, your vagina, nor you, will be stoned. You’ll have to do it the old fashioned way for that effect—baking brownies* while you’re PMSing and eating the whole pan because it’s chocolate and chocolate is delicious and you deserve it, dammit.

You can get your 4-pack of magic pussy pot pills (for lack of a better term and because it’s fun to say) for $44, available now in California and, coming soon, Colorado. Since everything marketed to women is more expensive, we imagine these would be at least three times the cost of penis pot.

BOTTOM LINE: Would we try it? Sure, we might give it a shot. Would you?

Because we love it so much, we had to share this awesome vagina weed artwork from artist Nicole Ginelli, via Broadly. We’re currently coveting a neon+black velvet poster of it for our wall.


*With or without the pot. Menstruating chef’s choice.


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