Samantha Bee Shouts Out Period Underwear, Women Entrepreneurs On ‘Full Frontal’


Samantha Bee has been killing it lately, tearing down the walls of gender bias and hilariously skewering our dysfunctional government on her new show Full Frontal. Her most recent episode features a segment on women in business and highlights the “progress” that’s been made, aka the meager five percent of federal contracts awarded to women-owned small businesses, aka the “negligible crumb” we’ve been proffered. That’s five percent of about $125 billion set aside annually for the U.S. government to spend on goods and services provided by small businesses.*

It’s still a paltry state of affairs for parity (for context: it took 22 years to reach this “goal,” and the World Economic Forum estimates that the gender gap won’t close entirely until the year 2133!) but progress is progress, right?

During the segment, Bee proposes a new goal: to raise the number contracts to women-owned small businesses to a whopping six percent by 2020, and she has at least one good lady-friendly idea on how to do it.

“There are lots of female-owned businesses that could use government contracts…like those underwear that you could have your period directly into,” Bee says, referring, of course to Thinx, a company making big waves lately in the period undies game. “Which honestly I’m slightly conflicted about,” she adds. OK, so not everyone’s on the period panty train yet, but, according to Bee, there are actually many more uses for them!


How about wearing them during Senate filibusters?


Or using their absorbent powers for cleaning up environmental disasters.


Or for our own humane demise should Donald Trump get elected president.


“They could issue a pair to every us citizen for suffocating ourselves. Cozier than a plastic bag and we’d be supporting female entrepreneurs!”


We prefer their intended use but, hey, it’s nice to know we have options in case of other emergencies. More to the point is that female-owned businesses have clearly been overlooked for embarrassingly long. And not only that, if you look at how far a period-positive female-owned company like Thinx has come, they’re undoubtedly underestimated. Also, period underwear mentioned on a highly watched TBS TV show is pretty bleedin’ awesome. Thanks, Bee.

Watch the full clip below.

*Small businesses account for 23 percent of the $500 billion enchilada the government spends on contracts every year.

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