Meet The 14-Year-Old Who Taught Us The Meaning Of RUMPs

Reusable menstrual pads made by Lilah.

Reusable menstrual pads made by Lilah.

RUMPs: not the voluptuous behind, or part of a bovine, but what young menstruators are calling ReUsable Menstrual Products. Though they’ve been around for years, reusables have become much more popular lately with the increase of positive talk around menstrual cups, the introduction of period panties, and the explosion of DIY cloth pads (just see etsy!). We’ve known about reusables. (We use them!) But we hadn’t heard about RUMPs…that is until we met Lilah (@modern_rumps) a 14-year-old who makes her own cloth pads and started a blog to spread the word about reusables, even if she may be the only one she knows who uses them.

A young pioneering woman after our own heart, we asked Lilah about how she found out about RUMPs, why she started using them, and what it was like asking her mom about menstrual cups for the first time.

How long have you been using reusable menstrual products?

I have been using reusable menstrual products for about seven months now and I can definitely say – it’s life changing. I am a fourteen year old girl, and while none of my friends use reusables, I decided to give them a try.

How did you first hear about them?

It was after the first period I had had. I stumbled across a girl a few years older than me talking about cups on YouTube (you may know her as Precious Stars Pads). I was confused at this point. You stick a small cup up your vagina? How does this work? I have always been comfortable with my body so I was curious. I continued watching that video, and then I watched more and more.

What made you decide to make the switch and which did you try first?

During one of my last cycles using disposable products, I noticed that I had gotten a rash from scratchy pads rubbing against me. I knew at that point that it was time for a change.

I don’t know why, but I was really embarrassed about asking my mother to get a menstrual cup. There was so much anxiety leading up to me telling her about what I wanted. But when I did tell her, she loved the idea! She even said that she would like to try cloth pads and one day cups too. (Now my mother currently uses cloth pads that I have made her myself).

I first bought a Lunette cup Model 1. I really didn’t think much about using cloth pads. The Lunette cup works very well and it is definitely one of my favorite cups. I just recently bought and made my own cloth pads because I don’t always like wearing a cup and I hated using disposables for backup.

The verdict?

I have now learned to love reusable menstrual products; especially menstrual cups. They have made my period so much easier to deal with. I really recommend any women and teenagers to at least give RUMPs a try before you decide that it’s not for you.

Lilah is a fourteen year old who loves animals and music. She plays the clarinet and would love to be in a professional orchestra/band one day. Visit her on Instagram @modern_rumps and at

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