Why People Are Menstrual Trolling Indiana’s Governor (And Why You Should, Too)

red-phoneIndiana Governor Mike Pence recently signed into law an abortion bill that limits abortion access, holds doctors liable if a woman chooses to terminate her pregnancy based on the fetus’s race, sex, or disability (like Downs Syndrome), restricts fetal tissue donation and requires doctor’s to have admitting privileges at area hospitals – otherwise known as TRAP laws*. And, shockingly, this bill also requires that fetal tissue be cremated or buried (and does not distinguish between abortion and miscarriage).

These ridiculous requirements have inspired one Indiana woman to take action against the governor by starting a Facebook page and Twitter handle (@PeriodsforPence) encouraging menstruators to call Pence’s office to report about their periods. Requiring a woman to cremate or bury fetal tissue due to miscarriage is beyond extreme, and because many miscarriages happen before the woman even knows she is pregnant, her only symptom would be an unusually heavy period. So, aside from how ridiculous this law is, should we expect all women with a heavy period to hold a funeral “just in case?”

It’s a very serious issue, but here are some of the hilarious conversations women have reported having with the governor’s office, via the Facebook page:

Me: Hi, is this the operator, or the Governor’s office?

Them: Um, this is the office, but I am covering for the operator right now.

Me: “Oh, good. I need to get a message to the Governor that I am on day three of my period. My flow seems abnormally heavy, but my cramps are much better to–”

Them: (Seriously pissed and trying to keep their voice down, but not quite succeeding) MA’AM, WHAT IS IT THAT I CAN HELP YOU WITH?

Me: Oh, I don’t need your help, I just wanted to keep Governor Pence informed of my reproductive cycle, since he seems so concerned.

Them: “Ugh.” *click*

Me: “Good morning. I just wanted to call and let the good Governor know that I am still not pregnant, since he seems to be so worried about women’s reproductive rights.”
Irritated lady on the other end of the phone: “And can I get your name, please?”
Me: “Sure, it’s Not Pregnant Laura.”

(After being transferred directly to voicemail)
Me: “Hello, this is Sue Magina again. I just hit a pothole on I-70. It was a doozy! I’m worried it might have shaken something around up in there, and I wanted to make sure that was addressed in this new abortion law. I knew Governor Pence would be worried. Thanks.”

We are just tickled by this menstrual trolling, and also proud of our fellow menstruators for speaking out. If you are too and want to make your voice heard, feel free to contact the governor to let him know how your period is doing (or how the period of someone you love is doing): 317-232-4567

*Targeted Regulation of Abortion Provider (TRAP) laws are a loophole that allow politicians to legally restrict abortion access to women by mandating ridiculous, excessive and unnecessary standards of abortion clinics. Some clinics have been forced to shut down because they could not afford to comply with TRAP laws that require expensive equipment, specific room dimensions, or ambulatory surgical facilities.


  1. Women in Indiana are drawing attention to their Republican Governor Mike Pence s latest performance of right-wing extremism by trolling him, personally, the old-fashioned way.

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