JCPenney Comes Under Fire For A “Period Skirt” And Their Response Is Spot On


When was the last time you shopped at JCPenney? Yeah, we thought so. The retail chain’s financial struggles have made national news lately and in an attempt to “re-brand” new CEO Marvin Ellison has worked tirelessly to streamline their product lines to appeal to a more modern audience. Unfortunately, the strategy has not been working. That is, until this past week when the Twitterati got involved.

Controversy has exploded over a $24 white pencil skirt with an infrared floral print on the front. Why? Because some people are claiming the flower resembles a period stain.

jcpenney-periodskirt-tweet2 jcpenney-periodskirt-tweet3

Well, we checked out this skirt and have to say, it in no way resembles a menstrual leak. Now, if the flower were on the back it would be a different story. Even with all the backlash against the skirt, the retailer refuses to “apologize” for the “offensive” design and will not stop selling it.

Perhaps the best part of this whole kerfuffle is JCPenney’s response:



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