Premiere: Amy Schumer Defends Her ‘Lady Curse,’ Women’s Health From A Bunch Of Suits

amy-schumer-dr.congressInside Amy Schumer returned for its 4th season this week and, friends, we were not disappointed. However, we were reminded of how disappointing and infuriating certain politicians have been regarding women’s health issues with the show’s brilliantly satirical, funny (sad) because it’s true, “Dr. Congress” sketch.

In brief, Amy shows up for her annual Pap smear and is met with the “House Committee on Women’s Health” a group of four crotchety ladybit-ignorant Congressmen who think they know better “than a bunch of science-y nerdles,” aka doctors.

Amy is forced to answer a string of ridiculous questions about her “lady curse” and how many “blood diapers” she’s used. Matters get even more depressing when Amy is asked to “present” to a larger group of men in suits leering from an observation booth above.

Satirical commentary that hits all too close to home.

Watch the whole sketch below.

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