‘The View’ Ladies Talk Period Shame And Need For Menstrual Education


What’s up with period shame? The ladies of The View want to know. (Also, seriously.) Tackling the taboo of menstruation, The View co-hosts discussed the growing movement to put an end to menstrual taboos. Though we’ve been talking about it for a long time, Newsweek’s menstrual equity cover story by Abigail Jones cast the conversation into a new cultural spotlight.

“If you don’t know what happens during a period…I just get so tired of people making decisions for women when they don’t have the information,” Whoopi Goldberg said, referring to male lawmakers making decisions regarding women’s health. (See: premiere episode of Inside Amy Schumer)

It’s not entirely surprising Whoopi is quick to share her thoughts on the subject. Just a few weeks ago she announced a new line of cannabis-based products intended to relieve menstrual cramps.

Whoopi continues to drive home her point: the need for more perioducation.

“You don’t know what’s in a lot of what you put in your body, but as women, I feel, because we don’t have these conversations. It’s like, what should I know? Are there sanitary napkins out there that are better for me to have? Are there things I can put in my body that might be better than what I’m using? Should I be saying to the doctor, hey check me for this because I don’t know how I’m being affected?”

Yes! All very important questions we hope women and all menstruators will start asking on the regular. But unfortunately too many people still don’t know they should be asking them.

“We don’t ask any of these questions because we don’t know to,” Whoopi adds, and that’s so true. If we don’t talk about the issues, options, and details, how do we even know we should be asking questions?

The gals also brought up other important questions like what’s actually in our menstrual products? And how do homeless menstruators manage their periods? In terms of the latter, we’re proud to support the work of organizations like UnTabooed, among a growing list of others bringing awareness as well as free products and information to low-income and homeless menstruators across the country and the world.

Overall, we’re so grateful this conversation is making it to the small screen. Menstrual stigma has too many negative effects, not only for women, but for the progress of our culture and society in general and we need to keep this momentum going. It took this long for a bunch of ladies who gossip around a table every day to bring up menstruation. We hope it doesn’t take too much longer to inspire other people to do the same. Let’s take it even further, beyond taboo, and let’s include candid conversation with our male counterparts, too.

Watch The View co-hosts chat about periods in clip below.


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