Maya Rudolph’s Vajingle Hilariously Calls Out Period Product Toxins

maya-rudolph-vajingle2“SNL” alum and all around hambone, Maya Rudolph, is jangling our funny bones with her new vajingle. Yes, that’s exactly what you think it is…a vagina jingle!

“Hey Mr. Chemical, stay away from my vajayjay.”

Is this thing on?

“Who needs that shiz in their lady bits?” Maya Rudolph asks rhetorically, singing the bloody, tampon- lovin’ truth. This, in response to the toxic materials used in a lot of mainstream menstrual products unbeknownst to many menstruators.

The ‘Bridesmaids’ actress has recently taken on the role as star in a series of ads for Seventh Generation’s new “come clean” campaign. Maybe you’ve caught her “blue goo” laundry detergent spot during “Maya and Marty” her new variety show with Martin Short.

We happen to find Maya Rudolph’s goofy antics hilarious in general, but it’s her vajingle that has us singing! Vajingles for all!

As far as menstrual product commercials go, we’ll take comedy over blue liquid frolicking (or overdoing it in the opposite direction) any day of the month.

Watch below.

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