Blood Cycle Conference Is Looking For An Intern!

bcc-pomegranateThe Blood Cycle Conference is in major planning mode and your expertise could be just what we need to continue the menstrual revolution. Read on for details below or check out the listing here.


BCC Social Media Intern

The Blood Cycle Conference Organizing Team is looking for a self-motivated individual who is passionate about menstrual health and menstrual activism to join our team.

The Blood Cycle Conference aims to add the health component to the menstrual revolution sweeping the world in one red tidal wave. While ending taboo and increasing access to hygienic products are both essential to progressing menstrual health, the BCC aims to offer education about contraception options, the effects of hormonal birth control, ways to fix your overall health through understanding the cycle, and more.

We are committed to the understanding that not all menstruators are women and thus this language is very important in our social media campaigns.


The ideal candidate…

  • Has a clear passion for menstrual health and activism
  • Enjoys social media: twitter, Facebook, instagram, tumblr
  • Has excellent grammar and spelling
  • Is a voracious reader and is able to summarize articles concisely and eloquently
  • Knows how to work with a strategic communications plan and can take initiative
  • Has researched our history on social media and has an understanding of our tone, voice, and style
  • Has a working understanding of Hootsuite and Google Hangouts On Air
  • Is willing to invest 10-15 hours per week, (closer to 15 as we approach the conference date)


  • Has some graphic design abilities
  • Can speak and write (an)other language(s)

To apply:

  1. Please submit your cover letter and resume to the email provided in this listing.
  2. Please state how many hours per week you’d be interested in investing in this internship over the next 6-12 months

Internship benefits:

  • Opportunity to build portfolio of social media networking experience and working with a Strategic Communications Plan
  • Opportunity to meet and connect with menstrual health experts around the world through social media featurettes (twitter hours, Facebook group chats, Google hang out Q&As)
  • One free ticket to conference
  • Possible accommodation during conference
  • Opportunity to try new, unique ideas for increasing audience engagement and captivating target audience attention

Application deadline: August 8th, 2016

>>The full listing can be found here.<<

BCC is a conference for the menstrual revolution. Get involved! More info here.

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