Trump Solves All Women’s Issues In Bloody Hilarious Web Series


The Period Piece web series is back! And it couldn’t be better timing—we could use some menstrual mirth about now. While we anxiously await the full second season, this morsel in the form of a hilarious first episode is enough to whet our appetites. The very current and tongue-in-cheekly titled “Donald Trump Solves Women’s Issues!” addresses Trump’s own issues with women including his infamous comment about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s “blood coming out of her wherever” which spawned an instant backlash and the very viral #periodsarenotaninsult as well as Bloody Trump.

What makes this new episode fantastic (besides creator Liliana Tandon’s ridonkulous portrayal of the tangerine potatohead) is the no-brainer solution Trump puts forth to solve women’s issues: Make America Men Again!  Of course! All problems solved. He also lays claim to coining the term “trans” and declares himself the best bleeder EVER—twice a month!

Check out the bloody hilarious episode below. And stay tuned for more from Season 2.

Watch Season 1 here!

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