New Comedy Web Series Wants To ‘Unplug’ Menstrual Taboos


The #PeriodPositive movement is really gaining some steam. From new, natural products for menstrual cramps, to menstrual innovation products like Thinx, to a period education board game, people are really starting to find their period-spiration. And we love it!

As more and more women lend their skills and talents to menstrual activism the more momentum the movement gains. If you are subscribed to The Monthly you are familiar with filmmaker and actor Casey Hartnett, who we featured as a Red Rebel in our latest edition. Or maybe you caught her previous project, Period Drama.

In her new comedy series, Unplugged, Casey is taking taboo-busting to a whole new level.

With Unpluggged, Casey hopes to bring awareness to the menstrual taboos women live and deal with every day. The six episodes of season one will follow the main character through the ups and downs of growing-up girl—from high school sex ed classes, to sexual harassment in college, to full-fledged adulthood, Unplugged will lay it all out for us to see. We definitely need more of this.


Casey believes that:

“No one knows what a woman goes through in life better than other women. We all experience things-that-must-not-be-named and we think it’s about damn time that humanity understands that it’s okay to talk about these taboo topics! So we’ll shout them out for you. PERIODS! SEX! HARASSMENT! GENDER! INTELLIGENCE! JOBS!”

We encourage you to check out Unplugged’s Indiegogo campaign to learn more about this project, Casey and the crew, or watch their promotional videos (see one below). We believe this is a worthy cause for our support and hope you do, too! As Casey says, “We need to unplug the conversation not put a cork in it!”

You can also read Casey’s Red Rebel feature in the most recent issue of The Monthly.



  1. A very good project this really is,I’ve never understood what is so gross about menstruation and it’s the very reason why we all exist in the first place and it’s a most crucial issue regarding health and wellbeing,most people just don’t realise that periods are a most naturally recurring biological function of the female reproductive system

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