2016 Cycledork Year-In-Review


Over the past year we have worked hard to offer our readers diverse content. Through collaboration with our amazing writers we covered as many menstrual-related topics as we could, and look forward to expanding our coverage in 2017. Thank you to the readers who comment and share our work. We have an immense amount of appreciation for those who offer financial support. And a heart-felt thank you to our amazing period-positive contributors. With that being said, here are our top-read articles for 2016:

Know Your Flow: What your Period Says About Your Hormones

Symptoms experienced at different points of the cycle can tell us A LOT about our hormones and hormonal balance (or imbalance). The bleeding days of our period alone are packed with clues about our health, and one indicator alone is really all we need to look at: our menstrual blood…

Improve Your Gut Health For A Better Menstrual Cycle

Each year when summer rolls around, I tend to check in with my body and recommit to my health goals, particularly if I’m not feeling my best. This almost always means some tender loving care for my gut health and microbiome — because it’s one of the biggest game changers there is when it comes to overall health. In my own journey to what I call vibrant health, addressing my…

Why Hormonal Birth Control Can Never ‘Regulate’ Periods

When the Pill was first developed, it could not be sold as contraception because contraception was not legal. Instead, hormonal birth control had to be prescribed to “normalize” periods. “Normalize” was code for being “not pregnant” (wink-wink)…

Back To The Basics: What Is A Menstrual Cycle?

Many of us took a class back in grade school where we learned the correct anatomical names of our reproductive organs, squirmed in our seats as the teacher held up colorful diagrams of a flaccid penis and tried not to laugh when we were lectured to about the changes that occur during the menstrual cycle. Some of us did…

Cycle Day 14: Eggspecially Spotty – The Cycledork Chronicles

Hello! And welcome to my eggstra special post number two of The Cycle Chronicles. It’s day 14, ovulation day, so I’m being eggspecially over easy cheesy. (Sorry, I’m done for now.) So day 14 means I am in the midst of the precious time known as ovulation. Folks hoping to get pregnant (or NOT pregnant) pay close…

Making A Menstrual Movement Inclusive

When I was getting my graduate certificate in holistic health studies I did so at a women’s university. The course curriculum was rich in women-focused perspectives on health, culture and spirituality. Many of my classmates were women who had children and almost all of them defined “femininity” and a woman’s “power” in her ability to become pregnant and birth life…

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Amy is a period-positive advocate, educator and writer. She prefers tackling topics like reproductive health, fertility, sexuality, feminism, social justice issues and all those tricky subjects you avoid talking about at family gatherings. Amy holds a Master’s Degree in Women’s Health as well as a Graduate Certificate in Holistic Health Studies. Read her full bio here

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