Menstruation Innovation—A New, Slimmer Menstrual Cup

Menstruation is ancient, but our period products don’t need to be, right? Not any more, at least. We’re excited about this latest innovation from GladRags—a menstrual cup (yay, reusables!) that is designed to fit even more menstruators. It’s called the XO Flo Mini and it’s a slimmer menstrual cup created to fit people who typically use slim tampons, are younger, or have never given birth.

Looking for a better period option and want to give back at the same time? The good people at GladRags are running a Kickstarter campaign to get their new Mini off the ground and at the same time are giving back by donating an XO Flo menstrual cup to non-profit Period. for every pre-order they get. It’s a win-win, and no one loses with more period product options on the market.

But time is running short. There’s just ONE day left!

Want more info? We checked in with GladRags’ Tracy Puhl for the scoop!

Cycledork: What do we need to know about the new XO Mini menstrual cup? What’s different?

Tracy Puhl: The XO Flo Mini is a slimmer and shorter fit menstrual cup that is still up to the challenge of a heavy flow day thanks to its rounded shape. It also features a long, flexible stem that won’t poke you uncomfortably! It also is designed to pop open easily to avoid leaks.

Cd: Why should someone who uses pads and tampons try a cup?

TP: A menstrual cup is the most convenient form of internal period protection, since you can wear a menstrual cup for up to 12 hours! You can also use your XO Flo Mini even on a light flow day without worrying about over-drying. And you can use the same menstrual cup for years, saving money (and last-minute trips to the store). If you’re more of an external protection type of person, a menstrual cup is a great option to have on hand for swimming or traveling!

Cd: We see there are lots of awesome rewards for contributing to the campaign. Which reward are you most excited about?

TP: Hands down, my favorite aspect of the backer rewards is that for every XO Flo ordered through the campaign (you can pick your size from Classic or Mini), we’re donating one to our non-profit partner Period to distribute to people in need! Aside from that, we have a reward where the backer receives an XO Flo menstrual cup plus a set of GladRags pantyliners and Carry Bag, a fun period positivity pin, and an XO Flo is donated on their behalf—I think that one is definitely the best all around value in switching to reusables!

Don’t miss out on a pre-order! Check out the Kickstarter here.



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