The Hottest Valentine’s Gift For Your Favorite Menstruator #KnowTheFlow

What do YOU want on V(G)alentine’s Day? We’re not usually huge on the holiday, but thanks to the folks at RACKET, we’ve discovered the holy grail of V-Day gifts and now have something to celebrate. This is the epitome of romance. Of sexiness. Of literally our heart’s (uterus’s) bloody desire.

We’re in love with this special delivery. But we don’t want to give it all away. Check out the hot video below.

Flow to Do’ delivery?…WHAT!

We agree with RACKET co-founder Margot Seibert:

(Note: Sadly, this delivery service is not an actual thing, but on behalf of all the menstruators out there, we have to ask, can we please make this a reality??? In the meantime, we hereby challenge you to give your love interest the gift of knowing their flow.)

And if you liked that one, here’s the equally menstrually mirthful Galentine’s video:

RACKET is an amazing NYC-based group of menstrual equity powerhouses working hard to normalize periods and provide menstrual products to underserved members of the community.

More about the #KnowTheFlow mission via their website:

RACKET’s work aims to remove the taboo surrounding menstruation in our culture. The more openly we talk about it, the less room there is for shame to play a role. In these videos, we imagine a world where if you love her, you #KnowTheFlow.

Amen. <3

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