Cycle Stories

Why I Broke Up With My Birth Control

In September 2016, I wrote a breakup letter and posted it on my blog. Before you get concerned about the fact that I shared such an intimate letter in a public space, I wasn’t breaking up with a person. I was breaking up with my birth control. [...]

My Exploding Uterus: A Love Story

There are so many exciting firsts in a real adult relationship. First kiss. First text. Your first actual IRL conversation. First date. First uterine explosion. I remember the time my uterus first exploded around a guy I really liked. [...]

Cycles Of Disordered Eating, Strength, And Yes, Periods

I have struggled with eating disorders for most of my life, though I have only just realized how long. Through writing this piece it became clear to me that I started the practice of ignoring my body when I was 11. After practicing that for so long, it's no wonder that it can seem normal to me. [...]
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