menstrual cycle

Why I Broke Up With My Birth Control

In September 2016, I wrote a breakup letter and posted it on my blog. Before you get concerned about the fact that I shared such an intimate letter in a public space, I wasn’t breaking up with a person. I was breaking up with my birth control. [...]

My Exploding Uterus: A Love Story

There are so many exciting firsts in a real adult relationship. First kiss. First text. Your first actual IRL conversation. First date. First uterine explosion. I remember the time my uterus first exploded around a guy I really liked. [...]

Why Menstrual Stigma Matters

Menstruation is the most basic of bodily functions for over half the world’s population. Learning how to “read” it (i.e. irregularities, consistency, associated pain, etc.) can give us a window into the health of women. Yet, in the 21st century menstrual stigma is still alive and well. [...]
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