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The Monthly Logo 2016 calendarThe Monthly is an everything-period, members-only monthly newsletter brought to you by the ever impassioned Red Rebels*.

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The Monthly is specially designed to create a safe space for menstruators and non-menstruators alike to learn about, share and discuss menstruation. As a member you will have access to exclusive content not appearing on our website and you will be a part of a period-positive community that exists nowhere else.

Arriving to your inbox on the new moon each month, like nature’s clockwork, you will find inspirations on how to honor your menstruating body, the ‘trashing’ of a menstrual taboo, a Q&A section (that you are invited to participate in), a beautiful piece of menstrual art or an exposé on a period-positive artist, and a healthy recipe that can help keep your hormones in balance, among other features and surprises, like guest editors and special giveaways.

Exclusive membership is free! To help keep our site sustainable, membership is also available for a suggested donation of just $12 for the year—$1 an issue! All money goes towards supporting The Monthly, our website and period-positive organizations. You can cancel any time.

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The Monthly is curated by Cycledork contributor Amy Sutherland in collaboration with Cycledork editors. 

*Of the Red Rebel Menstrual Cycle Club, of course — our other favorite nickname for The Monthly.

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